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If you happen to browse a furniture magazine in this moment, as an AD magazine, the question that you could is: what is it fashion or not? The answer is it the most obvious: all and nothing.

In this particular time of history, the main feature for the interior designer is the mix of elements. The most beautiful houses of world that coming photographed, they show chaise lounge vintage on wood parquet in read room with bookcase that covering the walls up to the ceiling; pastel color walls with paintings of Hilton McConnico and also bright pink sofas of 1940s; or also French apartments with painted boiserie with geometric shapes an bright colors, in room where the main table in a only single piece of trunk with painted steel legs. Finally, ambient with strict shapes of plastic flowers where they join similarities and contrasts.

Only one thing unites all these example: the color. The color palette are the base of interior designer in this last years. Pairings, contrasts and the study of sensation that colors transmit.


The only advice is to, if you seek the true inspiration for decorate the your new house, and you want follow the fashion, you use the color. You don’t think at the problems of shapes and materials, but you should concentrate on colors.

Translation of Enrico Ballani

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Interior Designer, Operatrice del Turismo Culturale, Artista

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