There’re people who find out by chance, and that, despite living on the side of the world opposite to where you are, share your ideas and your thoughts innovative and creative. It was what I understood when knowing Simony Silva, an architect of Brazilian origins who lives in the United States for a long time […]

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Room 2112, architects who design covers

Room 2112

Gamze Akyole and Çiçek Karataş are two girls aged 24 and 25 born in Turkey, who moved to Milan to study architecture at the Politecnico. I met them on Instagram, where their profile was immediately kidnapped me, even if I had a doubt that afflicted me. In the caption it’s written architects, while the photos […]

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Coastal style: how to define it

Coastal Style

The Coastal style consists of everything that refers to the houses on the Ocean and finds its definition in color palettes ranging from the colors of sand to those of water. Based on the simplicity of the houses near the sea, it uses pastel color palettes: white and blue recall the color of water and […]

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Stile scandinavo

In the Nordic countries the climate has greatly influenced the disposition of both public and private interior spaces: the great cold made the Scandinavians concentrate their attention on design research, to improve the quality of life. This means that the Nordic design has as its objective the balance between functionality and form, minimalism and material, […]

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The term Speakeasy, which literally means “speaking softly”, was used to define those locals that illegally sold alcoholic beverages. These businesses found the height of their expansion during the period of Prohibition, that is between 1920 and 1933, when the sale and production of alcoholic beverages was illegal in all the United States of America. […]

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Natalie Sauders: an Airbnb in the desert

This story begins with some like on Instagram and a description in the biography that arouses great curiosity. “Experience the desert through our eyes while we build our dream of Airbnb in Joshua Tree”. Desert Wild is the account, but the woman behind it is Natalie Sauders! 35, born of Scottish mother and Australian father, […]

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Color Palettes

Color Palettes are nothing more than color matching that they can be used as inspiration to decorate an interior. It is important create ambient that they are enjoyable for you and your family; for this reason you can take inspiration from the world that is around you and pick up ideas from your travels. There […]

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Connection between design and travel

I believe that the art is the basis of the culture of each people, and that the travels are the best way to expand one’s mind: the connection between these two things may seem similar, but unmistakable. We considering the design a form of research, study and innovation in art. We can believe in an […]

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Style of the moment

If you happen to browse a furniture magazine in this moment, as an AD magazine, the question that you could is: what is it fashion or not? The answer is it the most obvious: all and nothing. In this particular time of history, the main feature for the interior designer is the mix of elements. […]

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