Connection between design and travel

I believe that the art is the basis of the culture of each people, and that the travels are the best way to expand one’s mind: the connection between these two things may seem similar, but unmistakable. We considering the design a form of research, study and innovation in art. We can believe in an idea that connect the design to “travel.”

I try to explain.

The figure of the designer is born from the modern industrial system that takes care of the creations of art products, which are to be put on the market. It is essential that the figure of the designer know the marketing for the sale of the created product.

However, the artist creates, giving way to his soul to express themselves and are not usually involved in the sale of own works. It is handicraft and this is unique in every specimen.

We can say that the essential difference between the artist and designer is the speed and quantity of production of works, but certainly not the quality. For this reason, we can say that the two figures and studies are closely linked.

We have to think that the history of design is the same history of art; the same materials there are the progress and evolution of a creative think that over the centuries has seen the use of many ways of expression.

But why associate travels to the design?

Simple. Every culture, every people, has always tried to express artistically, giving way to the history of art books to fill pages and pages of photographs and explanations. So always every place has its own artistic culture more or less own to the territory. Therefore, we analyze art and also design as a form of creativity linked to the territory. Traveling, meeting new cultures will allow the tourist / artist to learn new ways of looking at art, but they will touch with hands one that internet and technology allow us to see through a screen every day.

The feeling that you try standing in front of “the kiss” of Klimt at the Belvedere Museum in Vienna, will never be the same that you will experience watching the photographed picture in a book or on a web page. It will not even have the same feeling that you try looking at a design magazine rather than living in a house decorated by a designer.

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