Color Palettes

Color Palettes are nothing more than color matching that they can be used as inspiration to decorate an interior.

It is important create ambient that they are enjoyable for you and your family; for this reason you can take inspiration from the world that is around you and pick up ideas from your travels.

There are infinite combination about colors, some classic and some modern, that you can used, but you remember that everyone perceive the color in a unique way. The exterior factors, as the illumination or the color near the texture of surface, influence the perception of the color.

 The inspiration is everywhere.

The important will be to define the color Palettes on the real ambient, on the light, on the objects to hide or enhance. For create the palettes will be indispensable to have information about the color theory, but if you don’t know this stuff, you can take inspiration on the section Palettes that you find in this blog. All these will be taken from travel pictures.

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