Natalie Sauders: an Airbnb in the desert

This story begins with some like on Instagram and a description in the biography that arouses great curiosity.

“Experience the desert through our eyes while we build our dream of Airbnb in Joshua Tree”.

Desert Wild is the account, but the woman behind it is Natalie Sauders! 35, born of Scottish mother and Australian father, lived her childhood on the beaches of New South Wales in Australia.

“A beach girl who wanted to see the world.”

Abandoned high school, she began to do the most disparate work in order to get some money for the sole purpose of traveling. At the age of 21, she finally managed to take her luggage and embark on a one-year trip, which now allows her to count over 63 visited countries. Each trip has given her countless discoveries in the world of architecture and color palettes, as well as of course having known many people from whom to draw inspiration. At the end of the year she returned to Australia, then moved to London, a strategic point for her departures, but also a city full of inspiration. Then love came with an American guy who married in Hawaii. She studied Interior Designer and Styling at Sidney Design School.


She is using his knowledge and travel experiences to realize her dream, an AirBnb in Joshua Tree desert in California. The color boards of this place have always affected her and feel a sense of deep peace when surrounded by a desert landscape. The desert has always inspired her and traveling through Morocco, Argentina, Bolivia and Namibia has made her believe she can find a piece of desert to call “mine” to create a magical space to enjoy and share with the others.

“There is something quiet and relaxing in the desert.”

She then discovered Joshua Tree in California and from the first moment she realized that would be her new home. She then packed her husband and her things and moved them. She has bought land, has worked out plans and is about to build her dream home: an Airbnb with all the influences that she has gathered along her travels.


Her style is very eclectic and this is why this home will have influences from Morocco, New Mexico and Argentina with a spiritual and bohemian atmosphere. As a palette of colors will use the natural tones of earth and deserts and furnishings will have elements that look to modern. Tadelakt, natural wood and fur rugs, will be the key elements.


 We just have to wait for the evolution of the work and for Natalie’s home to be completed, then buy a ticket for California!

“I am very excited about this new adventure and can not wait to share it with other desert lovers.”

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